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Granular updates about the state of each episode will be posted here, along with general updates about the state of the show. This is almost certainly safe to ignore, but if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on with The Space Above Us, you’ve come to the right place.

You can also expect this space to meander into ‘blog’ territory from time to time.

STS-92 - Update #2 - 29 hours later..
Clearly this update section is going well. It turns out that providing little updates is almost as much mental effort as just doing the work! Oh well. As usual, I’ll just keep plodding along and we’ll see if it becomes useful. [Click for more..]
STS-92 - Update #1 - Surprisingly complex mission
Ahhh yes. As I glance at the timestamps on these posts, it’s clear that the “Updates” page is going well! Actually, it should go slightly better now that I’ve somewhat automated the process for making new posts. [Click for more..]
General Update - HTTPS!
Most people aren’t going to care much about this, but those who do care tend to care a lot. I’m happy to announce that now has its very own SSL certificate, which means folks can go to https://thespaceabove. [Click for more..]
STS-101 - Update #3 - Episode delay
Hey folks! I know it’s been a while since the last episode and they’re trickling out, but I need to push the STS-101 episode to the week of the 17th. It’s been weird times (search for OSAM-1) and I just couldn’t pull the script together to get it posted this week. [Click for more..]
STS-101 - Update #2 - Putting together outline
As has become the reluctant norm around here, things on the podcast front are moving slowly, but moving. STS-101 research was delayed a bit by family visiting from out of town and by me moping around a bit after the cancellation of OSAM-1. [Click for more..]
STS-101 - Update #1 - Reading mostly done
Reading’s mostly done. I’ve gotten through the main stuff that focuses on the primary mission as well as some interesting info about the cockpit upgrades (and some cockpit upgrades that never happened). [Click for more..]
STS-99 - Update #4 - Script rough draft done
Just finished the rough draft of the script! It clocks in at around 7700 words so I don’t know what the heck I was talking about when I said it was probably going to be a short episode. [Click for more..]
STS-99 - Update #3 - Outline done
The outline’s done! Now I just need to write out the actual episode. Also, fun fact, the day that the week long cold snap broke, ushering in temperatures in the upper 60s fahrenheit, is the same day that I got my furnace repaired! [Click for more..]
STS-99 - Update #2 - Collecting notes
Right now I’m at the part of making an episode where I’m just going back through all my sources looking for highlights and writing notes directly into the script outline. So things are moving. [Click for more..]
STS-99 - Update #1 - Primary reading's done
I thought I had the reading done for STS-99 but then a friend helped me find a really promising looking paper about synthetic aperture radar interferometry, which is what this mission is all about. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #9 - Finally done!
Well, it’s finally done! The episode is scheduled to go up in an hour at midnight. In a fun coincidence, that’s the 24th anniversary of STS-103’s launch, so that’s something. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #9 - Recorded!
Episode’s recorded! Kind of took a lot out of me though so I’m going to edit it tomorrow. I’m a little nervous that my microphone posture was off and I might have to deal with a lot of plosives but I guess we’ll see soon! [Click for more..]