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General Update - HTTPS!

Most people aren’t going to care much about this, but those who do care tend to care a lot. I’m happy to announce that now has its very own SSL certificate, which means folks can go to

I had kicked the can down the road on this issue for years because I used to host the site on a friend’s server which had a pretty strange configuration that made it a challenge to issue an SSL certificate. Plus, I figured there was no rush because there was absolutely nothing even remotely in need of securing on the site. But browsers are starting to get more picky about this and warning users if there is no https version of a site. Annoying for me, but a smart move in general.

Thanks to Topaz for helping me finally navigate the maze of AWS products required to get the site hosted in a more robust and secure way.

And since we’re talking about browsers, please allow me one brief moment to strongly recommend that any Google Chrome users switch to Firefox! Google is not your friend, and Chrome is a tool used by Google to dominate the internet as much as possible while sucking up the maximum amount of personal data. Firefox is actually on your side, which is a great feeling.

Plus, certain plugins (coughublockorigincough (coughitblocksadsonyoutubetoocough)) work better and will keep working in the future! :D