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STS-92 - Update #1 - Surprisingly complex mission

Ahhh yes. As I glance at the timestamps on these posts, it’s clear that the “Updates” page is going well! Actually, it should go slightly better now that I’ve somewhat automated the process for making new posts.

Anyway, somehow nearly three weeks has already passed since the STS-106 episode. In my mind, STS-92 was so close that I would actually be able to get back to the usual Thursday schedule, but it turned out to be a surprisingly complicated mission. There are four EVAs, one strange and unique piece of hardware, a rendezvous radar failure, and a number of interesting side stories. I’m sure it’ll be a good episode, but it does still bug me that I can’t quite seem to get back on schedule.

I think part of the issue is that once I blew past a deadline it became clear that there was no strong reason to force myself to stop researching and just get the episode done. I think this probably (hopefully?) means that episodes will be stronger overall, but it also means that they come out slower. Really I just need to get back to embracing the deadline and the fact that I can only do so much in two weeks, and that in the past that “so much” was actually pretty OK.

Anyway. Things are still happening!