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STS-101 - Update #2 - Putting together outline

As has become the reluctant norm around here, things on the podcast front are moving slowly, but moving. STS-101 research was delayed a bit by family visiting from out of town and by me moping around a bit after the cancellation of OSAM-1. Today I’m looking through the sources and building out the detailed episode outline, which is one of the last few steps of making the episode.

I’m also glad to announce that several years after I first tried finding it, I found a good source of Spaceflight magazine, published by the British Interplanetary Society, though through no thanks to the BIS itself. I tried reaching out to them several times over the years to gain access to their backlog only for them to stop returning my emails. This would’ve been a great resource to have througout the shuttle program. Well, there may only be around 40 flights left but I finally discovered an archive right in my own backyard in the library at the Goddard Space Flight Center! Just goes to show that when in doubt, check your local library.