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Granular updates about the state of each episode will be posted here, along with general updates about the state of the show. This is almost certainly safe to ignore, but if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on with The Space Above Us, you’ve come to the right place.

You can also expect this space to meander into ‘blog’ territory from time to time.

STS-103 - Update #6 - Now we're rolling
Every time I write an episode there is a supremely satisfying moment where I hit a tipping point and suddenly I not only know I’ve got the plan for the episode, I know exactly how I want to approach it, I just need to write it out. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #5 - More Traveling! But also progress
Jeez, I don’t know what the universe has against STS-103, but this episode has (clearly) been a challenge to get out the door. I already mentioned the first round of travel, and subsequent first round of COVID earlier. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #4 - Back to work
Done with COVID! At least, I’m done with the most severe symptoms and I’m able to get back to work on things again. Still can’t smell yet, but a sense of smell rarely comes up in work for the podcast. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #3 - COVID!
COVID! Yes, it finally happened. For the last day or so I have been rolling around in bed, checking my temperature, checking my O2 sat, and just generally waiting and trying to sleep. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #2 - Traveling
I’m out of town for a few days, visiting family, but I did get some work in on the plane. I marked up most of the press kit, and will hopefully finish that up today. [Click for more..]
STS-103 - Update #1 - Updates!
Hey folks! I actually haven’t really started working on STS-103 yet but after making the announcement about the new updates page I figured I should at least get something up here. [Click for more..]