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The Space Above Us is free and always will be, and you are welcome to enjoy every episode without donating a dime, 100% guilt-free. The best way to help the show is to spread the word and help me get new listeners. But since people have asked, I’ve created a way to donate to the show if you’d like. Donations will go towards buying extra source material, covering the meager costs of hosting the show, and the occasional beer and video game for the times when I’m not digging through decades-old NASA documents. Thanks!


Patreon #

Want some extra goodies? The TSAU Patreon offers the following:

  • Access to a Patreon-only Discord channel. Come by and chat about space!
  • Space movie commentaries by yours truly. The commentaries are in the style of RiffTrax or MST3k: just play the MP3 at the same time that you start the movie, and you’ll have me talking on top of the film. There are a bunch of movies available, including Apollo 13, Gravity, Moonraker, Space Camp, Armageddon, The Right Stuff, and more.
  • Monthly voice chats with me and other donors via Discord.

The Patreon will never have content that really belongs in the main feed since I want it to be a reward for donors, not a punishment to everyone else.

To access the Patreon, head to


PayPal #

If you prefer PayPal, I’ve also made that option available. The PayPal doesn’t come with any automatic rewards, but you can always contact me and we can work something out if you had your eye on some of the Patreon extras.


Merchandise #

There’s also some merchandise available! You can head over to the merch page to learn more.