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The Space Above Us The Space Above Us


Ever wanted a t-shirt with the TSAU logo on it? How about a mug? Or a sticker! The possibilities are nearly endless.

I’m gonna be honest, on-demand merch providers aren’t the greatest companies in the world, and the company I’ve gone with (TeeSpring) is known for sending really aggressive spam to anyone who has ever purchased anything. So I would suggest using a burner email address or maybe setting up an email filter after your purchase. Also, just to be straight with you, I’d rate the product quality as “adequate” at best. It’s not terrible, but if you get a T-shirt or something, you’re going to want to be gentle with it.

With that expert sales pitch out of the way, if you’d like to get something with the TSAU logo on it, you can head over to TeeSpring.

Also, if you send me a letter and I have any left, I’ll mail you some TSAU stickers and business cards.