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STS-92 - Update #2 - 29 hours later..

Clearly this update section is going well. It turns out that providing little updates is almost as much mental effort as just doing the work! Oh well. As usual, I’ll just keep plodding along and we’ll see if it becomes useful.

Anyway, it clearly has been longer than 29 hours when you look at a calendar, but as of this moment I’ve logged 28 hours and 44 minutes on the STS-92 episode. I talk a little about this in the episode itself and how it got away from me, but like my last post said, it’s a surprisingly complex mission! There were some notable firsts to get into, complex EVAs, new hardware, and some fun stories that just couldn’t be left in the oral histories.

I just finished recording the first 55-60% or so of the episode. It’s long enough that there’s no way I would be able to read it in one sitting. The 10,000 word script, read at my typical rate of around 172 words per minute should land at around 58 minutes. And since it takes me roughly two minutes of recording for every one minute that ends up in the episode (thanks to my frequent flubs when reading the script) that’s around two hours straight of talking. I’m pretty sure my larynx would implode.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’ll record the second half and get editing. It’s on track to be uploaded on Saturday!