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STS-101 - Update #3 - Episode delay

Hey folks! I know it’s been a while since the last episode and they’re trickling out, but I need to push the STS-101 episode to the week of the 17th. It’s been weird times (search for OSAM-1) and I just couldn’t pull the script together to get it posted this week. Gonna be big though!

I somehow turned a pretty straightforward ISS resupply mission into a sprawling story about foam shedding, abandoned cockpit upgrades, and even a check-in with our ol’ buddy CGRO. But I won’t have access to my microphone for the next week, so I’ve got to push.

The good news is that since the script is nearly done, the STS-106 episode should be quite a bit quicker, so on average it should work out alright.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your understanding as I try to up the ante a bit while also doing my best to avoid burnout. My head will get screwed back on properly one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll just keep plugging along!