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STS-103 - Update #1 - Updates!

Hey folks! I actually haven’t really started working on STS-103 yet but after making the announcement about the new updates page I figured I should at least get something up here.

The goal of these updates will not to be a place where I just whine about being behind on the schedule (though you’ll have to endure a certain amount of that) but more just a statement of fact. In this case, the STS-93 episode was such a beast that I really needed a break after finishing it, hence no STS-103 work yet. Of course, that break just makes it more likely that STS-103 will slip, necessitating a post-103 break, putting pressure on the next one, but hey, that’s just life I guess.

So if there’s no STS-103 update I suppose I can update you about something unrelated. Over the last week I’ve been putting my keyboard down and actually building something in the real physical world: a new set of a wall-mounted shelves I dub “mega-shelf”. I’m a big believer in physical media, which means I need to be careful to maintain space to properly organize and display my media, lest I slip into hoarder territory. I’m used to working in the world of software, where there are rarely any consequences for trying something out and immediately failing spectacularly. So it was definitely a change of pace to be working on something where an immediate failure could also necessitate an immediate trip to the hospital. But the shelves are up, they’re about 30% loaded, and they survived the night! Hooray! Maybe if anyone’s interested I’ll post a picture when I finish loading them up with books and blu-rays and dvds and other archaic forms of media.

But back on topic: STS-103. My plan is to at least transfer the primary sources to my iPad and make the notes outline today, which seems like a minor step but is significant because suddenly I have something to ‘hang’ my thoughts on. More updates soon.