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The Space Above Us The Space Above Us

Searfoss, Richard "Rick" A

Episode 177: STS-90 - Of Mice and Medicine (Neurolab)
On STS-90 we’ve got dozens of nervous system experiments to get through, we’ll play some catch, take a whirl in the crazy chair, and we’ll wonder where NASA got 2000 crickets. [Click for more..]
Episode 152: STS-76 - Mirwalking (MEEP, Lucid to Mir)
On STS-76 the space shuttle finally shuttles someone to space, delivering Shannon Lucid to Mir. We’ll also goof off in the SPACEHAB tunnel, head outside, and have fun saying the word “MEEP”. [Click for more..]
Episode 131: STS-58 - Madame La Guillotine (SLS-2)
Columbia is on the launchpad and we’ve got a whole bunch of life science to get through. And just when you thought it was safe to drop the word “otolith” from your vocabulary. [Click for more..]