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Satellite deployment

Episode 183: STS-93 - Sometimes It's Better To Be Lucky Than Smart (Chandra Deploy)
On STS-93 we’ve got a ton of stuff to do in a mission lasting less than five days. We’ll break another glass barrier, we’ll put the redundancy of the Space Shuttle Main Engines to the test, and we’ll explore the universe in a whole new part of the spectrum. [Click for more..]
Episode 145: STS-70 - Flickers, Northern and New (TDRS-G deploy)
On STS-70 it’s time to complete the TDRSS constellation! Or at least the first generation. We’ll also resist putting fish eggs on crackers, buy some decoy owls, and wonder why so many people from Ohio are trying to escape Earth. [Click for more..]
Episode 130: STS-51 - TOSsing ACTS (TOS/ACTS, ORFEUS-SPAS)
On STS-51 we’ve got a packed flight with an advanced communciation satellite, a new kick stage, the return of SPAS, an EVA and a sassy air traffic controller. Episode Audio> Episode Audio # Photos> Photos # STS-51 mission patch. [Click for more..]