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Readdy, William "Bill" F

Episode 157: STS-79 - Blaha to Go (Lucid/Blaha Mir Swap)
Shannon Lucid has been waiting for her ride home and John Blaha is ready to swap in as America’s next long duration spacefarer. We’ll also fix our SRBs, try to heat up some metal, and enjoy some barbecue in Atlantis. [Click for more..]
Episode 130: STS-51 - TOSsing ACTS (TOS/ACTS, ORFEUS-SPAS)
On STS-51 we’ve got a packed flight with an advanced communciation satellite, a new kick stage, the return of SPAS, an EVA and a sassy air traffic controller. Episode Audio> Episode Audio # Photos> Photos # STS-51 mission patch. [Click for more..]