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The Space Above Us The Space Above Us

McArthur, William "Bill" S

Episode 189: STS-92 - Over and Under (ISS 3A: Z1 and PMA-3)
After a long wait for the crew (and audience!) STS-92 is finally here. We’ll be delivering the heart of the ISS external structure, the Z1 truss, as well as a new docking port, PMA-3. [Click for more..]
Episode 148: STS-74 - Putting out the Welcome Mat (Mir Docking Module)
We’ve docked at Mir before, but moving the Kristall module around is such a hassle. What if we could just make it a little longer so the shuttle could dock with it in its usual location? [Click for more..]
Episode 131: STS-58 - Madame La Guillotine (SLS-2)
Columbia is on the launchpad and we’ve got a whole bunch of life science to get through. And just when you thought it was safe to drop the word “otolith” from your vocabulary. [Click for more..]