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Episode 187: Interview with Former NASA Flight Surgeon Dr. Kim Broadwell
I think we can all agree that social media (and anything approaching it) was a mistake, but sometimes the internet decides to throw you a bone and you meet a NASA flight surgeon on Reddit. [Click for more..]
Episode 160 - Tom Jones Interview
He’s flown on STS-59, STS-68, STS-80, and later on STS-98.. but today he’s flying on TSAU! Astronaut Tom Jones joined me for an interview covering topics such as the utility of stopwatches, travel advice, pranks on John Young and more! [Click for more..]
Episode 154: Dan Tani Interview 2: Life as a Newbie Astronaut
During the previous episode, NASA introduced its largest ever astronaut class. Let’s hear about what life as a newbie astronaut is like from someone who was there: Dan Tani! Buckle up because this interview is over an hour long! [Click for more..]