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The Space Above Us The Space Above Us

Bursch, Daniel "Dan" W

Episode 155: STS-77 - Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Satellite (IAE, PAMS, SPACEHAB)
On STS-77 we’ve got some experimental technology to try out that if nothing else lead to some pretty wild visuals. We’ll also get some work done on SPACEHAB and wonder why Marc Garneau loves hanging out with Australians so much. [Click for more..]
Episode 139: STS-68 - Deja Vu and Big Kaboom (SRL-2)
No, it’s not a glitch in the Matrix, we’re flying the same experiment on the same shuttle! Don’t worry, we still find plenty to say. Oh, and Jupiter’s about to explode, so that’s pretty cool. [Click for more..]
Episode 130: STS-51 - TOSsing ACTS (TOS/ACTS, ORFEUS-SPAS)
On STS-51 we’ve got a packed flight with an advanced communciation satellite, a new kick stage, the return of SPAS, an EVA and a sassy air traffic controller. Episode Audio> Episode Audio # Photos> Photos # STS-51 mission patch. [Click for more..]