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Wolf, David "Dave" A

Episode 173: NASA-6 Part 2 - Stuck Between a Hatch and a Cold Place (Wolf on Mir)
Episode Audio> Episode Audio # Photos> Photos # Dave Wolf reading Time Magazine in the base block. Note the cover story: "How I Survived Mir" told by Mike Foale! Wolf and Solovyev suit up for their EVA Christmas in space is always a festive occasion.
Episode 172: NASA-6 Part 1 - Infinite Job List (Wolf on Mir)
After much deliberation on the ground, the verdict is that Dave Wolf will indeed remain on Mir for his full mission! So what does he do while he’s up there? And who’s that in the window?
Episode 171: STS-86 - Does He Stay Or Does He Go Now? (Wolf to Mir)
Dave Wolf didn’t think he was going to Mir for another six months, but when Russia decides Wendy Lawrence is too short, schedules change. Though if Congress has anything to say about it, Wolf might not be going anywhere after all.